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The Cyberobics logo displays the word "CYBEROBICS" in bold, modern, uppercase letters.
“The partnership and collaboration with Hero Media has exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure to work with such a professionally operating company.”
Oliver Schulokat in a dark blazer and white shirt smiling in front of a "CYBEROBICS" logo backdrop.
Oliver Schulokat
CEO & Founder of Cyberobics
The Blinos logo features the word "BLINOS" in bold, white uppercase letters on a black background, with the letter "N" stylized in blue to form a downward arrow.
“The professional support from Hero Media has created an outstanding website for our company.”
Stefan Hofinger in a dark blazer and white shirt smiling.
Stefan Hofinger
CEO & Founder of Blinos
The logo on Nicole Zimmermann's website shows the text "NZ CD UX UI" in a modern, gray, sans-serif font on a dark background.
“The collaboration with Hero Media is simply top-notch! Everything went smoothly from beginning to end. A very friendly, solution-oriented, and competent team with whom one can work quickly and professionally.”
Nicole Zimmermann smiling into the camera
Nicole Zimmerman
Brand and UI/UX Designer
Trusted Partner to Leading Enterprises.
Logo des John Reed Fitness Club.
Logo: WU Vienna
Logo der Allianz.

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