WU Wien

Video production with WU Wien.
Video Production
2021 - 2023

WU Wien and Hero Media worked closely together and undertook the following steps:

  1. On-site Filming: The Hero Media team conducted on-site filming at WU to conduct interviews with researchers. We focused on creating a trusting and relaxed atmosphere to gain authentic insights into their personalities and research work.
  2. Post-Production: In post-production, the footage was edited, graphics and animations were integrated, and music and sound were adjusted. Our goal was to create high-quality videos that captivate viewers' attention and effectively convey the researchers' message.
  3. Continuous Collaboration: The long-standing partnership between WU and Hero Media enabled seamless communication and coordination throughout the entire process. This resulted in efficient and successful implementation of the video projects.

These videos impressively showcased the diversity and impact of research at the university. They provided valuable insights into research activities and the people behind scientific achievements. The outstanding quality of the videos contributed to strengthening the reputation of WU Wien and served as inspiration for students, researchers, and the general public.

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