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How it all began

Eingang der Chiwa Media. Logo an weißer Wand
The beginnings
During the hectic times of studying, two creative minds, Carl Michael Hofbauer and Wladislaw Weber, formed Chiwa Media G. This small initiative laid the foundation for something bigger.
Large advertising campaigns in the glittering world of television and extensive web portals catapulted the agency into a new light. The success was also reflected in their office move - they needed more space for their ever-growing crew.
Company was established
In a decisive step, Chiwa Media GmbH merged with Gymwatch GmbH to form Hero Workout GmbH with the subsidiary Hero Media GmbH. With C. Michael Hofbauer (Mike) and Thorsten Kruse at the helm, a new company structure was created with a current focus on software projects.
The RSG invests
The Rainer Schaller Group (RSG) invested in Hero Workout GmbH in 2020. This partnership anchors Hero Workout GmbH at the forefront of innovative developments in the fitness sector and enables pioneering solutions at the interface of technology and fitness.

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