John Reed

With the personal trainers from John Reed at the fitness studio.
Video & Photo Production
Concept Development and Preparation:

Hero Media conducted extensive discussions with the RSG Group to understand the desired appearance of the personal trainers. Various styles, messages, and brand guidelines were carefully considered to create a consistent visual concept.

Photoshoot and Video Production:

The Hero Media team organized professional photoshoots and filmed short videos with the John Reed personal trainers. The shoots took place at different locations to authentically showcase the diversity of training environments and styles.

Editing and Post-Production:

Following the shoots, Hero Media handled comprehensive editing of the photos and videos. The images were professionally retouched and color-adjusted to ensure a consistent visual aesthetic. Video sequences were precisely cut, accompanied by suitable music, and enhanced with targeted visual effects to effectively convey the trainers' messages.

Consistent Presentation:

Hero Media emphasized ensuring that all visual content aligned with the RSG Group's brand guidelines. The personal trainers were portrayed in a manner that clearly emphasized their professionalism, motivation, and expertise.

The collaboration between the RSG Group and Hero Media resulted in a cohesive presentation of the John Reed personal trainers. This process illustrates how effective portrayal of trainers can be achieved through careful planning, creative execution, and adherence to brand guidelines. This not only strengthens the brand but also fosters customer trust.

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